UN Resident Coordinator, Ms. Maria Ribeiro | Message on United Nations Day

At the center of the UN charter are the principles of universal human rights, peace and development.

Today is an important day. Seventy-five (75) years ago the UN Charter was endorsed and the United Nations organization was born.

In Zimbabwe, UN day is an opportunity to meet and reflect and recommit ourselves to the principles of the Charter of the UN and the organization’s ambitions as we move towards the SDG and Agenda 2030.

COVID-19 pandemic means we meet virtually this year to celebrate the World’s organization that now boasts 193 member states, including Zimbabwe since 1980.

At the center of the UN charter are the principles of universal human rights, peace and development.

This mission is even more relevant today as countries address the COVID-19 pandemic, a colossal challenge. Years of hard-won development gains are under threat of being undone.  The pandemic has compelled us to convene and communicate in different and innovative ways. COVID-19 is also an opportunity to build “forward” better, together and ensure we do not lose sight of the sustainable development goals.

The UN family in Zimbabwe has been hard at work to support the national response to stem the impact of COVID-19 pandemic on people’s lives.  As part of the immediate response, the UN has supported awareness raising, procurement of PPEs, strengthening laboratory system for surveillance, infection prevention, and continuity of essential services.

COVID-19 has come on top of challenges caused by climatic shocks as well as a fragile economy.

Its impact stretches beyond health and needs an all society and government response. That is why the UN family in Zimbabwe continues to work with the Zimbabwean authorities, civil society and other development stakeholders on food security, gender equality, sanitation, education, economic empowerment and community resilience amongst others. We take this opportunity to also thank our donors and development partners who support our work in favour of people of Zimbabwe, especially those most vulnerable.

The UN continues to deliver also on humanitarian assistance to 5.6 million Zimbabweans affected by drought, economic hardship and the residual impact of Cyclone Idai.

The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the 17 SDGs remain our collective commitment and blueprint for recovering and building forward better. As the Government develops its national development strategy, the UN looks forward to formulating together how we can best support national efforts towards SDGs and inclusive development through a new sustainable development cooperation framework.  

The 75th anniversary coincides with Zimbabwe’s 40th anniversary as an independent nation, a time to reflect and continue to advance human rights, justice and strong institutions to ensure a better life for all its people.

As the Secretary General noted:

‘The Charter’s vision stands the test of time and its values will continue to carry us forward. Now is the time to persevere, press ahead, pursue our goals, show responsibility for our world, and take care of each other.’

Happy UN Day, Zimbabwe.

Thank you, Tatenda, Siyabonga!

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Maria Ribeiro
Resident Coordinator
 Maria Ribeiro
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